PREMIUM Templates

GTD Dashboard

Capture, organize and prioritize your to-dos. Become more organized and productive in your daily life. Use this Notion template to become more organized and productive in your daily life. Create and assign your task, and get things done.

Meet the all-new GTD Dashboard. Minimalist design, powerful new features. Focus on what matters today. See your calendar events and to-dos together. Quickly enter new to-dos. Add notes, checklists, reminders and more. It comes with a finely tuned dark mode that looks absolutely stunning.

PARA Method

Organize Your Life with the Power of PARA & The Principles of a Second Brain! This Notion template offers a comprehensive system based on the PARA methodology — Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives — to help you manage tasks, knowledge, and responsibilities efficiently. The addition of "Second Brain" principles ensures that you're not just organizing, but truly harnessing the power of information to support your goals and creativity.

SAP Knowledge Hub

SAP Knowledge Hub is a Notion template that provides SAP Consultants with access to a wide range of learning resources, including training material, SAP documentation, best practices and expert insights. It is developed tp help SAP Consultants, including Developers and end-users, gain the knowledge and skills they need to effectively use and manage SAP products and solutions.

Weekly updates with SAP Documentation. Google Drive updates.


Notion Subscriptions template is designed to help you manage your subscription services in one place. Say goodbye to forgetting payment dates and missing out on benefits. Take control of your subscriptions today! At Notion Subscriptions, our goal is to simplify your life by providing a comprehensive template to manage all your subscription services. With our easy-to-use design and powerful organization features, you'll never miss a payment or lose track of your subscriptions again.

Time Tracking

Time tracking that's easy, powerful, and frictionless. Time Tracking template to boost performance and get paid for every billable minute. An intuitive tool that makes time tracking painless. With this template, you can easily track your tasks, set estimated values for your projects, and monitor your progress with monthly, custom, and project reports.