PARA Method simplifies personal knowledge management for productivity

Ready to use in just a few minutes

"The PARA method is not just a way to organize your digital life; it’s a way to organize your entire life"

PARA Methodology


Short-term efforts in your work or life that you're working on now


Long-term responsabilities you want to manage over time


Topics or interests that may be useful in the future


Inactive items from the other three categories

Powerful features for task management

Capture Anything Instantly

Capture new ideas, tasks, and bookmarks instantly

PARA methodology

Ground your organization in the robust framework of PARA

Manage Your Projects

Ready to use in just a few minutes

Find what you need, when you need it


Capture your ideas and thoughts to create your mind and process them later


View and manage your scheduled tasks in a calendar view


A list of everything to-do whenever you have time with quick filters


Set reminders for your tasks to ensure you don't forget anything

Ready to use in just a few minutes

Notion PARA Method success Stories...

W. Harson

Technical Program Manager at Propeller

"This Notion template for the PARA Method is a game-changer! It's incredibly user-friendly and simplifies organization to a whole new level."



"Muy fácil de usar y fácil de entender. Es la primera vez que uso Notion para la gestión de tareas, pero realmente me sorprendió por lo simple pero efectivo que es. ¡Me encanta!"

Harry C.


"I've tried many productivity tools, but the Notion template for the PARA Method takes the cake. It's straightforward and comprehensive, making it a must-have for organization enthusiasts."

Lisa Santley


"It is beautiful, clean, and easy to understand and use, which totally fits with the whole idea of this great tool!"

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